World class AR audio studio, for anyone, anywhere, any time

“It's fascinating and truly futuristic!Wicked!” - Matt Johnsson, Jamiroquai

Your Audio In
Metaverse™ is a cloud based AR audio production system. Holographic 3D user interface gives creators unmatched freedom and inspiration. Natural interaction with hands.
No external computer needed.

Healthier working posture as moving and standing makes the use of more fun.

Unlimited floating control windows for every instrument in the studio. Overview and control your project, not the other way around.


In addition to normal 3rd party plug-ins, user can access remote analog audio processing devices just as they were plug-ins. (this feature comes available with hardware interface (Q3 2022)

interface.png is a cloud based AR audio production system that has three component parts:
- AR application for editing and composing audio

- Cloud architecture for storing, playing back, recording and processing audio

- Hardware interface that connects analog devices into cloud to be used within the AR application

You can only use AR application if you don't want to provide devices or record audio. 


Interface will have:

8 inputs and 8 outputs to connect analog devices

Built-in computing and RAM for any bandwidth issues

Internet with SIM, W-LAN or WiFi

Supported devices now works with Microsoft Hololens 2

Other devices wil be supported in the future

Remote hardware 

 WIth interface, you can provide your cool analog device to be rented thru cloud
Make your passive rackmounts come active!


“Audiospace is fascinating and truly futuristic! Wicked!”

Matt Johnsson, Jamiroquai

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We call it musical playground. It's a totally new way of being creative with music or sound. Draw your musical ideas into interesting soundscapes!

Obius works on Oculus Quest 2 VR headset and will be available in December 2022!